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Bug box

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Send your kids on an adventure in their own backyard.  The perfect box for all those budding entomologists!

The bug box includes:

  • A compass (use the carabiner to connect it to your belt and learn the skill of navigation)
  • Bamboo ladybird feeder (simply fill with feed, hang and watch the ladybirds appear)
  • Binoculars (the perfect tool for an explorer)
  • Bug book (the little book full of big bug mazes)
  • Creepy crawly chart (the A-Z of what to hunt down in your garden)
  • Bug keeper (keep bugs safe in your keeper while you observe them for setting them free)
  • Bug jar (with a microscopic lid it's the perfect observation tool)
  • Wooden ladybirds and rubber insects may also be found throughout the box

Ideal for kids aged 3+ it promises fun for the whole family.

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