You reap what you sow

If you're an avid gardener, or perhaps just tend to a little veggie patch a couple of months a year, fantastic.  Do you let the kids help though? Yes, they often mistakingly pull out the parsley thinking they're weeding, stomp on the daisies and in an attempt to pick a strawberry pull the plant out roots and all, but... it is worth it!

The benefits of getting kids in to the garden are life-long.  Here are just a couple:


Children will naturally discover the science of plants (i.e. photosynthesis), they will learn cause and effect (ie. water equals growth) and they will develop an understanding of ecosystems (i.e. weeds are competing with plants).

Physical well-being

Not only is it screen-free time but kids are also getting some vitamin D.  More importantly though, studies have shown that kids that grow food, are long-term more nutritious eaters.  

Emotional well-being

Naturally, children will learn responsibility by having to care for another living thing, plants included and will learn patience as they wait for it to grow.  They will also gain confidence by discovering they are capable of caring for something else and that something else may be dependent on them.  Finally, gardening fosters a love of nature and that can never be a bad thing!

So if you're already gardening with kids, keep going, it's worth the effort.  Those that received the Jack and the Beanstalk box this month will probably be in the thick of growing their beans right now!  Those that didn't can join in by buying some dry beans or seeds.  In addition to the magic beans and Aussie Bean Ball seed, some ordinary Bocelli beans were also included in the boxes.  These can be purchased at your nearest bulk food store.  These are great as you can grow them anywhere - in an old yoghurt tub on the windowsill works well.  They also grow in a matter of days !  

So as the saying goes... you reap what you sow!  


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