There's no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing

Sometimes we all just need to listen to the Peppa Pig inspired 3-year-olds, put on our gumboots and go jumping in muddy puddles.

Growing up my mother always cautioned me that if I didn’t wear a jumper, I’d catch a cold and keep us indoors on days that were ‘too cold’ to play outside.  But just like she got it wrong when she said eating crust would give me curly hair or watching tv would make my eyes square, it is never too cold (in Australia at least) to go play outside.

In fact it is indoors that we are most likely to catch the cold of snotty nosed Travis or Susan’s dreaded flu as the air (and their germs) re-circulate. The more time we spend indoors, the more exposed we are.  We are much better off, rugging up and getting out.  There is nothing more refreshing than taking that first deep breath of cold winter air.  It is also rather delightful watching kids as they discover they may be part dragon and can actually ‘breathe smoke’.  The fact that they’re also developing a stronger autoimmune system and resistance to allergies is just an added bonus.

And whilst sub-zero mornings and cold winds may have you running for the Ugg boots ready to commence hibernation it doesn’t mean your children have lost their energy or desire to play.  Their energy levels don’t decrease with the temperature and whilst they continue to grow over the winter months, long periods of inactivity have detrimental effects on their muscular development. 

Speaking of hibernation, exposing children to the different environments is important for their understanding of the world.  Children become familiar with the outdoor sights, smells and sounds of spring and summer and it’s important for them to play outside amongst bare trees, on slippery, icy surfaces with brown grass, grey skies and no brown snakes slithering.  They will study their environment and witness the change in seasons and the life cycle of plants. 

Remember, there’s no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing. Now, go invest in some gumboots!


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