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  • Make magical memories!

    Preserving your children’s sense of wonder and excitement seems all the more important this time of year.  When the stress of the season makes this seem like an overwhelming responsibility remember that its not what’s under the christmas tree that matters but who’s gathered around it.  Refocus on enjoying the time with your family and create some seasonal magic and family traditions free of gift giving.
  • Lose the shoes

    Are shoes really protecting your kids feet from the hidden dangers that lay dormant on the ground we walk?   Or are they making your kids more prone to injury and disease?
  • The Benefits of Being Bored

    When you hear those words "I'm bored" it's natural to want to please and entertain.  Don't.  Boredom allows our brains the chance to relax and daydream making us more creative, more interesting and more self-motivated.