Remember when pet rocks were a thing?

I remember having a pet rock.  My grandmother had purchased it for me at the local markets and I kept it on my window sill for years appreciating it as a piece of artwork.  

Now there are rock communities and whilst you can adopt special rocks from time to time the idea is for the rocks to travel.

Our September box included a suggestion to join the rock community of Australia.

Inspired by our Red Centre of Australia theme and the amazing indigenous rock paintings that surround the region the September box included red, yellow and black paints - the rest was up to you.

If you check out any of the Facebook groups (ACT Rocks, NSW Rocks, NT Rocks, QLD Rocks, SA Rocks, TAS Rocks, VIC Rocks and WA Rocks) they explain it is a “little bit of creativity and nature play for kids and parents”.

There are also some instructions.  Here is a brief summation:

  • Find suitable rocks and clean them
  • Decorate as you please 
  • Put your relevant rock group and Facebook symbol on the back
  • Varnish your rock
  • Hide your rock
  • Put a photo up on your relevant rock group so others can go hunt them down
  • Watch your rock travel as other members post their finds for you to see

So what are you waiting for?  Join a rock group, start hunting, start painting or just go and check out how amazing rocks can look when painted by some very creative people!


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