Do you want to build a snowman ☃️

The Japan box contains a mason jar of ‘snow’ but for those of you that didn’t receive a Japan box you can make your own snow at home with just 2 ingredients: baking soda and conditioner.  Combine (4 parts baking soda, 1 part conditioner) until the consistency is powdery but will stick together when compressed. If it dries out then just add more conditioner (use white to ensure a snowy appearance). 

The snow is designed to encourage sensory play, allowing children to explore and naturally use scientific processes while playing, investigating, creating and discovering new sensations. Once they have used up the snow building snowmen, snow balls and driving match box cars through it then the remainder can be used to make your own snow globe!

Using the mason jar (or an old jar in the house) affix your scene to the inside of the lid. Pictured are some tree branches designed to look like mini pine trees. Then it’s as simple as putting a small amount of snow in the jar, putting on the lid and shaking it up! 

Snow play at the dining table!!! 

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