Make magical memories!

Preserving your children’s sense of wonder and excitement seems all the more important this time of year.  When the stress of the season makes this seem like an overwhelming responsibility remember that its not what’s under the christmas tree that matters but who’s gathered around it.  Refocus on enjoying the time with your family and create some seasonal magic and family traditions free of gift giving.

Here are some ideas to create that christmas feeling:

  • Make your house smell like Christmas.  A real Christmas tree smells amazing and with some gingerbread baking in the oven just walking through the door will create a happy feeling.
  • Enjoy this time of year.  Go for a hike and collect some pinecones and twigs.  Paint the pinecones and make twig stars for the top of the tree.
  • Relax with a Christmas movie whilst stringing popcorn garlands.  Read a Christmas book before bed.
  • Listen to Christmas carols and make a gingerbread house.
  • Go for a walk down the street and enjoy the houses decorated with Christmas lights or attend a carols by candlelight.
  • Don't forget the native wildlife.  Decorate an outdoor tree with edible decorations or make some magic reindeer food that the native birds can enjoy too!
  • Be grateful!  Try not to waste food - perhaps go cherry picking and then enjoy the fruits of your labour!  Write thank you cards and make some care packages for farmers suffering from the drought or those who lost everything in the bushfires.


Being a kid on Christmas is pretty awesome but having kids on Christmas should be even better!

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