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  • Power Down

    Top 10 tips for powering down your household and making those devices as unattractive as possible!
  • While our country burns

    In the face of the Australia bushfire season 2019/2020 and the unprecedented tragedy that is currently unfolding here is a list of some great resources for children.  Discuss with them what is going on and then turn it into a positive with some activities for positive action and sharing kindness.
  • Make magical memories!

    Preserving your children’s sense of wonder and excitement seems all the more important this time of year.  When the stress of the season makes this seem like an overwhelming responsibility remember that its not what’s under the christmas tree that matters but who’s gathered around it.  Refocus on enjoying the time with your family and create some seasonal magic and family traditions free of gift giving.
  • Remember when pet rocks were a thing?

    Rock groups became a craze many many years ago but are still going strong.  If you're not already a member of one, then check them out on Facebook and play along!
  • Spring School Holiday Nature Activities

    Spring school holidays 2019 are here!  Here are some suggestions for re-connecting your kids with nature whilst spending the holidays in the city.
  • Lose the shoes

    Are shoes really protecting your kids feet from the hidden dangers that lay dormant on the ground we walk?   Or are they making your kids more prone to injury and disease?
  • Sometimes it's best to say nothing at all!

    Conscience the words 'be careful' had lost all meaning, I researched the way I should be approaching my kids and risk awareness and removed these words from my vocabulary.
  • My screen-free holiday

    What happens when you travel for 7 hours with 4 kids and no screens?
  • You reap what you sow

    Involve kids in the garden and you will be providing them with life-long benefits.  They will develop a love of nature, be healthier eaters and more confident in their abilities!
  • Be the 'lazy' parent

    A parent sits on the park bench watching her child climb barefoot up the slippery slide.  Another parent follows their child around the playground lifting them on to equipment and hovering nearby to catch them.  Be the 'lazy' parent.
  • There's no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing

    Sometimes we all just need to listen to the Peppa Pig inspired 3-year-olds, put on our gumboots and go jumping in muddy puddles.  Growing up my mother always cautioned me that if I didn’t wear a jumper, I’d catch a cold and keep us indoors on days that were ‘too cold’ to play outside.  But just like she got it wrong when she said eating crust would give me curly hair or watching tv would make my eyes square, it is never too cold (in Australia at least) to go play outside.

  • The Benefits of Being Bored

    When you hear those words "I'm bored" it's natural to want to please and entertain.  Don't.  Boredom allows our brains the chance to relax and daydream making us more creative, more interesting and more self-motivated.